TED (PRAMODA FIRST BORN) This is Ted’s page where we will add photos and text as he grows up.

He was Joy’s very first pup from her very first litter, born August 12, 2016 He was a big, robust ruby boy with an endless desire to nurse. We called him Pudge at first because it seemed appropriate he had this big tubby body with little legs sticking out of it. As he grew we decided he needed a nicer ‘for now’ name, and we called him Copper.

As the weeks went by, he grew into a sweet natured, playful, happy puppy. He loved play wrestling with the other pups and play with toys. He was the first pup to bark. It is kind of a “woof whoo!” sound. So cute.

Copper is now in his forever home. His name is Ted. His new family are Kim and Steve and their family in Saskatoon. Ted is doing wonderfully in their loving care. Kim and Steve’s adult cavalier Elliot already likes Ted and their friendship is growing closer day by day.


Kim and Steve with Ted Oct 2016


Ted in his new home Oct2016


Kim and Steven’s son meets Ted


Kim and Steve’s daughter meets Ted


Ted growing fast November2016


Ted and Elliot – already bonding


Ted surrounded by his toys November 2016






























(see two little videos of Ted above)






Oct. 23/16 Little Ted seems to be adjusting very well. Friday was a day to meet our family and get to know his new yard. Saturday Ted met Dr. Chu and impressed her with his good looks and cooperative behaviour. Today, Ted met Steve’s sister and brother-in-law from BC. Again he wowed them with his good looks and sweet personality!
Ted has a lot of fun outside! He likes to follow Elliot and sometimes explore the new sights, smells and sounds on his own, too.
Ted has been eating and drinking well. He eats in the kitchen away from his toys and Elliot so he’s pretty good at filling his little tummy.
Ted loves to play with his toys! It doesn’t matter what size, he carries his teddy bear even though he can’t see where he’s going. Squeaky toys are great, too.
Ted is a joy and a sweet little pup!! We love him!!


Oct. 29/16 Just a note to let you know little Ted continues to thrive and mature. He had a big week with lots of visitors, including Steve’s sister and brother-in-law from BC. Ted impressed everyone with his naturally good looks, sweet personality and general cuteness!
Ted has been eating well, sleeping through the night and going outside to do his business. He loves to run around his yard and investigate with Elliot. Ted even met a new friend outside, a ladybug. But she wasn’t ready to play so they went their own ways.


Nov. 1/16 A quick note to let you know about Ted’s two new adventures today!
First there was rain, but that didn’t deter little Ted. Nope! He just went under the evergreen trees. That worked pretty well to keep the rain off his back, but he didn’t avoid the dirty paws. It’s tough for a puppy to sit still after having fun outside, just to get his paws wiped!
Then there was a new friend – the mailman came to the door with a parcel! He said hi to Ted (it helped that I was holding him) and he even asked if Ted was a Cavalier (his aunt raises Cavaliers as therapy dogs).
Everyday there’s a new adventure.


Nov.13/16 Ted had a couple of new, or newer adventures this past week. He and I went to see Dr. Chu but since it’s so close I thought we’d walk. He wasn’t impressed with tree guys cutting down a tree – too many loud noises. So Ted walked all of a few feet and then he put on the brakes! He does well walking with his buddy, Elliot.
The other day I noticed Ted and Steve sitting on the steps on the deck and looking up. A helicopter was flying low and slow so Ted had to watch. Something new and he’s always alert! He doesn’t miss a beat!
Nov.16/16 Little Ted was not impressed with the weather first thing this morning. But the smart little guy that he is quickly figured out that the big old evergreen close to the deck was a great feeling to do his business. Do what you got to do AND stay dry!
Over the last couple of weeks, the “baby” has disappeared and the “toddler” has emerged! Playtime is pretty funny! Ted and Elliot seem to be having more fun playing together – what a pair, these two little guys!



Ted and Elliot trying to mooch food


Ted and a few of his toysNov21,2016


Ted and Elliot learning to share Nov21, 2016


Ted and Elliot -snuggling buddies Nov, 2016
























TED’S ADVENTURES by Kim, continued…

Nov. 21/16 One phrase can best describe little Ted – growing like a weed! His body is longer, his legs are longer, …. How fast is they grow!!
Ted continues to love to play outside – running with and/or after Elliot, chasing a ball, investigating, saying hi to our neighbour Dalene, and today, getting dirty paws!! The rain didn’t bother him at all today!
Ted and Elliot are quite a pair with their “Woo-woo-woo” chorus! They both come in from their last time outside before bed and sing in harmony – ready for their treat, so hurry up!
Today Ted was headed outside when he noticed my mitts on the bench by the door. Faster than you could bat an eye, he snatched one mitt and ran out the door. He took great delight in running under every tree and shrub – just where I couldn’t reach him or the mitt! What a little scamp!
Hugs from Ted! ?

Ted & Elliot Dec 2016

Winter has arrived – Ted keeping warm by the fireplace. Dec 2016

Ted and Elliot enjoying the fireplace. Dec 2016























TED’S ADVENTURES by Kim, continued…

Dec. /16 Last week Ted was very happy and excited to see two special visitors come to his house – Leslie and Richard! He certainly remembered them and there were lots of kisses for them!
Ted’s adventures this week have been mostly indoors because of the bitterly cold weather. Outdoor time has been kept to a minimum with only important “business” attended to! The boys have made good use of their toys, wrestling with each other and soaking up the heat by the fireplace.
Ted was fascinated and maybe even a little surprised with the Christmas tree. What?! A tree in the house??
Stay warm! As always, hugs from Ted! ?


Dec. 9/16 NOTE FROM LESLIE and RICHARD: We were SO happy to see ‘our’ boy Ted. He greeted us with enthusiasm, to put it mildly. Ted looks great – he is growing, affectionate, healthy, happy, and playful. Kim and Steve are doing a great job!


Ted Dec 10, 2016 Ted will be 4 months old in 2 days.










TED’S ADVENTURES by Kim, continued…

December 31/16 It’s been a busy time for little Ted! He sure enjoys having his family around more during the Christmas holidays. Of course there can never be too many toys, so Ted and Elliot were pretty happy with their new toys on Christmas morning! And two new doggie beds in the family room will be put to good use!
Over the last couple of weeks Ted has discovered how to jump up on the couch and chair. The one who was most surprised of all was Elliot! Also Ted has found he can scamper upstairs lickety-split!! Needless to say the baby gates are up now!

The other morning we awoke to new snow – lots of it! The snow was nothing new to Elliot, but Ted took a few minutes before he ventured off the top step. It didn’t take long before little Ted made his way through the deep snow – running, jumping and having fun! He often comes in the house looking like a little snow bunny – covered in snow head to tail! ?

Ted Christmas 2016

Ted and Elliot Christmas 2016











TED’S ADVENTURES by Kim, Continued…

January 1/17 Happy New Year! We always knew Ted was a bright little guy and learns quickly. Last night, New Year’s Eve we were up later than a weeknight – typical for a weekend. Ted usually falls asleep on my lap and Elliot sleeps on his bed on the couch. But last night Ted woke up and was restless about 12:30am. He jumped down from the chair and wondered over to his crate, walked in and curled up. Good night guys, time for this little pup to go to bed!! ? What a smart little pup! We love ❤ him!! ========================================================

February 1/17 Our little Ted is 6 months old today! And what a fine little guy he is!! Joy’s little boy continues to bring a lot of joy to his family.
Hugs from Ted and Elliot!! ??

Ted and chew toy Feb 12, 2017

Ted and tug toy Feb 12, 2017

Ted growing up 6 months old Feb 12, 2017

Ted loves his footstool. Feb 12, 2017


















TED’S ADVENTURES – by Kim Continued…
March 4, 2017 (Richard and I visited Ted and his family) It was nice to see you and Richard, These little guys were happy to see you! I think since we sat in chairs closer to the floor this time, Elliot was better able to interact. We sat at the kitchen table last time – higher chairs.
Glad you could meet everyone this time. You could see how much love and attention these little guys get. Both Ellise and Andrew love Elliot and Ted lots.
Ted had his first “class” last night. He did great!! We were very pleased and very proud and of him! There were dogs of various sizes and temperaments. Ted was curious but calm and he focused very well on his tasks. As usual he caught on to things very quickly. Maybe next time Ted can demonstrate! Hugs from Ted and Elliot. ============================================================
March 12, 2017 It is hard to believe how the time has flown by and now this little pup was is 7 months old!!
It was a great day for Ted and Elliot today! A walk, lots of playtime outside AND two new toys!! It just doesn’t get much better for these two little guys!!
Hugs from Ted and Elliot! ?

Ted is 7 months old! March 12, 2017









TED’S ADVENTURES by Kim April 12, 2017 Eight months old today and the adventures of Ted continue! Ted has been enjoying his daily walk and playing fetch with Elliot in the backyard. There are more birds in the trees and they have caught Ted’s attention. We finished Obedience School last week and continue to practice what we learned. Ted has found his bark, but only while looking out the window – so far! More adventures to come with spring time here! Hugs from Ted and Elliot!!

Ted at 8 months old April 2017








TED’S ADVENTURES – by Kim May 14, 2017 May 12 marked 9 months for Joy’s puppies, so time for an update on Ted. Trying to take a new picture can still be a challenge- busy little bee, especially outside! Outside is a favourite place for both Ted and Elliot. They’re always eager to be out there with me when I’m doing yard work. Oh, how Ted loves to run around, chase after a ball or investigate with Elliot! He’s learning about birds, even though he can’t catch them. Hugs from Ted and Elliot! ?

Ted at 9 months…is he ever growing up!

Ted 9 months – enjoying playing in the yard May 2017




















May 17, 2017 – It’s so nice to have “help” with the dishes!!

Ted helping with the dishwasher May, 2017

Ted playing in the sprinkler May, 2017




















Ted is 10 months old! June, 2017

Ted is 10 months old June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017 – Time flies when you’re having fun (truly!!) but it also flies when you see a little puppy grow into a young dog. Ted is 10 months old today! From learning about sprinklers and chasing birds to just enjoying warm, sunny days – so many adventures to be had!!














July, 2017 – Outdoor shower on a hot day – great way to feel cool!!

Elliot and Ted cooling off on a hot day July, 2017











July 12, 2017 – Little Ted is 11 months old today. He may be smaller than Elliot but don’t tell him he’s not a big dog! He’s a very happy, active and as always, loveable little guy!! Ted and Elliot are great buddies! ! Hugs from Ted and Elliot!!

Ted 11 months old July 12, 2017

Ted ad Elliot enjoying the deck chairs. July, 2017

Ted trying out the table, July, 2017


























To be continued….






























To be continued….