RAYNA (PRAMODA FIRST PRINCESS) This is Rayna’s page where we will add photos and text as she grows up.

She was the second puppy born on August 12, 2016. Rayna (formerly Scarlet) is a very pretty ruby girl. Rayna was strong and healthy right from the moment she was born. As she grew through the weeks, she became mischievous, playful, and happy. Rayna loved to cuddle when she was tired, but wriggled to be put down when she was awake and ready to go play. Rayna is an active, comical, smart puppy.


Rayna at 6 weeks when she met Marlene

Rayna found her perfect forever home with Marlene in Swift Current, and Marlene’s Blenheim Cavalier Regal. Rayna is doing very well and is already sleeping beside Marlene’s pillow at night. Regal wasn’t too sure about Rayna at first, but their friendship is growing.


Rayna’s new sweater Oct 2016


Rayna snuggling with Regal Nov2016


Rayna and Marlene Oct2016

Rayna and Regal cuddling Dec 2016































ABOUT RAYNA by Marlene

Dec 5, 2016 Rayna is super energetic, happy, and friendly. The girls (Regal and Rayna) and I went to Red Deer last weekend to visit family. Boy, did they enjoy them, especially Rayna. Rayna is more like Jiggs (Jiggs was a handsome tricolour boy that Marlene had that has sadly passed away) than Regal. Rayna makes friends with everyone where Regal is just happy if I’m around. Regal never was one to play much but she actually wags her tail and nips back at Rayna.

Rayna looking pretty Dec, 2016


Rayna beautiful head shot Dec 2016

Rayna another head shot… what a pretty face Dec. 2016

Regal Dec. 2016

Regal head shot Dec. 2016






























ABOUT RAYNA by Marlene

Regal joined Rayna in her crate for a snuggle and nap. They are getting closer all the time. Dec. 2016

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Regal go into the kennel with Rayna!









ABOUT RAYNA – by Marlene

Rayna and Regal are doing very well. When Rayna has a treat she dances around Regal until Regal chases her trying to get it. Very entertaining pair

Rayna and her friend Em Jan 6/17

Rayna and Regal watching for silly people and dogs that are out on such a cold day – Jan 11, 2017
















ABOUT RAYNA – by Marlene
Jan 11, 2017Hard to believe they’re both out right now bopping through snow. I’m keeping a close watch at the window so I can let them back in as soon as they come back.
Rayna came after a very short while. Had to call Regal in. She does have more hair than Rayna. Rayna just loves it outside. They both come in looking like snowmen.
Rayna weighed 13 lbs. this morning.
They are such beautiful dogs. Regal will be 10 next month and people can’t believe it.
Rayna’s good all night but Regal usually gets me up a couple times. Often just to sit on the deck and look over the neighbourhood. Just a little annoying.Both sound asleep here right now. I always take a heated wheat sack to bed to warm my feet. Rayna tries to get it.

Rayna just back from the doggy spa. The lady said Rayna was very good…Jan 2017

Rayna Jan 20,2017










ABOUT RAYNA – by Marlene

Feb 4, 2017 Rayna is 15 pounds!!! Almost triple since I brought her home at 10 weeks of age!!!! She is beautiful!

Feb 11, 2017 The poor little dog is so hungry she has to eat shoes. LOL

Rayna-Feb-5-2017-Pretty Girl








Rayna Eating Mom’s Shoes Feb 11, 2017











ABOUT RAYNA – by Marlene

Feb 17, 2017 -In the picture below left you would think by the look of this face she was

in trouble. Just for the record, she wasn’t. LOL

Rayna looking guilty Feb 17, 2017









ABOUT RAYNA by Marlene April 22, 2017 Rayna had her surgery to be spayed yesterday. The vet also fixed the hernia and pulled a couple baby teeth. She is doing really well. The girls and I are just hanging out watching movies today so I can constantly watch her. Don’t want to have to subject her to having to wear a cone.

She’s really good. If she starts licking I just say “no” and she quits right away

Regal and Rayna snoozing April 2017

Rayna and Regal snuggling May 2017










ABOUT RAYNA – by Marlene

July 16, 1021 – I bought a lot at Lac Pelletier and have been busy getting it set up. Hope the turf gets in this next week so I I can put up a fence for the dogs. Rayna indicates she wants out but once out out is more interested in the new sounds (coyotes, cattle) than the reason we went out at 4 am











to be continued