No matter how high quality the parents of puppies of any breed are, health issues can possibly occur. No one can guarantee your dog will never have a health problem or become ill. When both parents are cleared for common health issues, the risk of problems is greatly reduced. Joy and any dog she is ever bred to will have all of their health clearances completed.

It is very important for your Cavalier’s health and well-being that he never becomes obese, or even somewhat overweight.  Excess weight puts additional strain on his joints and also increases his risk of heart issues.  Cavaliers are great moochers, and can look very pitiful and in need of food.  Do not fall for their antics.

Also, it is necessary to give your Cavalier’s teeth the attention they need.  Regular dental cleanings are important.  There are products on the market that, if used consistently, will help delay his need for dentistry.  One of the reasons for making sure your Cavalier’s teeth are kept healthy and tartar free is that dental decay can also be a contributing factor toward heart issues.

Rather than rewriting what has already been done well, please visit the official Canadian Cavaliers website to read about possible health issues. Try not to panic. Remember these are possible issues. Every breed has a list of their own possible issues. That doesn’t mean those issues will occur. The web address for information is

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