ZULU (PRAMODA FIRST AND FOREMOST) This is Zulu’s page where we will add photos and text as he grows up.

Originally named Squeak because he squeaked all the time, he was the last puppy born on August 12, and was half the size of the other puppies, horribly thin and weak. We didn’t think he would survive the first night – but he did. We supplemented his nursing with bottle feeding puppy formula. We fed him every hour, twenty-four hours a day for those first two weeks. That effort exhausted us, but it saved Squeak. Squeak was tiny but strong, a little fighter, and very persistent. He remained smaller than the other two puppies in the litter and we had to make sure he didn’t get picked on. Once he got started he did very well. He has caught up on his siblings quite a bit.

He became a little guy with a big personality, a bundle of energy, a mischievous imp, and when he finally tired out, the best cuddler of all. Zulu (formerly Squeak) will always hold a special place in our hearts because he was our little miracle puppy.


Zulu at 10 weeks


Zulu and his family Madeleine and Randy

Zulu, is growing into a handsome boy. He found his wonderful forever home with Madeleine and Randy in Winnipeg. They are enjoying their energetic, fun, sweet boy. He is like an energizer bunny but once he winds down, he is very cuddly.










ZULU’S UPDATES From Madeleine:

Oct. 25/16 Zulu finally ate more tonight which was great to see. Added a bit of Canine can food to kibble. Zulu has been peeing and pooping outside for the last two days – no accidents even during the night. Randy has been Zulu’s escort outside during the night! Zulu even whines during the night when he needs out which helps immensely. He didn’t even use newspapers in ex-pen last night. Things are certainly coming along! He loves the outdoors although it’s been very pleasant weather.


Nov.7/16 Zulu is growing by the day and maturing in different ways. He’s eating much better and loves being outside and going for fairly long walks! He’s quite the character!


Nov.9/16 Zulu has certainly captured our hearts. Zulu is proving to be an excellent traveller. We went to the vet today for a distemper shot.



Zulu and his Centipede toy … lots to chew on Nov6/16


Zulu cuddling with Randy


Zulu is finally tired out



Zulu camouflaged by his bed

Zulu’s octopus Nov 6, 2016

Zulu, still chewing Nov 6 2016

ZULU’S UPDATES From Madeleine

Nov.18/16 Zulu is maturing so quickly. He seems 3″ taller and certainly has a longer fuller body!


December 5/16 Zulu has grown so much in height, length, neck length… Amazing .and he gets into everything. .something new every day. He loves going for walks and outside exploration. He plays with vigor. He loves all dogs, no matter what size and all people. Zulu is a perfect fit for us – keeping us active and happier. And he sure loves belly rubs.


Zulu and his tiger Nov 20/16

Zulu cute head tilt Nov 21, 16

Zulu and the stolen slipper Nov 28/16


Zulu Sunday morning cuddle Dec/16


Zulu winter coat 2016

Zulu standing on table – he is growing! Nov 28/16

Zulu’s harness Dec. 2/16

Zulu almost 4 months old Dec 3/16













































ZULU’S UPDATES – From Madeleine

December 5/16 I had to remove Zulu’s toy container cause he learned to quickly jump into it (and proceed to chew on it) and jump out as quickly as he jumped in! What a little character!

Zulu has now been promoted from his kennel to our bed for the night without having to go out during the night. He’s a very happy camper. He falls asleep against my chest and by morning time, he’s by our feet.


Zulu in his toy basket Dec 5/16

Zulu First Christmas 2016

Zulu Christmas 2016

Zulu surrounded by his centipede Dec 22/16

Zulu sleeps with one eye open December/ 16

Zulu sunning himself in Mesa Arizona Jan 7/17

Zulu bath Jan 2017

Zulu Jan 12/17

Zulu sunning himself Jan 2017

Zulu looking good Jan 2017

Zulu wrapped up Jan22, 2017

Zulu and his moose Jan2017

Zulu snuggling with mom Jan 21/17


























































































ZULU’S UPDATES – from Madeleine

Feb 12/17 – Zulu is 6 months old today!

Feb 15/17 Zulu weighed in today at 11.6 lbs!

Feb 21, 2017 Second class is Canine Good Citizen Title. Zulu may be able to participate in six of the 12 lessons of this course before we leave for Winnipeg in April. At the end of these 12 classes, canines have three good citizen titles and are able to go on to be theropy dogs, if owner wishes.

Zulu did very well tonight except for Sit-stay. He’s so used to following at my heels. Could be a challenge to Ace this command! ?















ZULU UPDATES – by Madeleine

March 17, 2017 Measured height with Randy from withers to floor with level – 12.25″!! . Length from withers to end of body – close to 13″

March 8, 2017Zulu passed all requirements on Tuesday night, last night, March 7th for the Basic Canine Good Citizen certificate and received his second blue ribbon! Zulu is fun to train with. On Monday nights, Zulu and I are doing Rally Obedience training. Too bad we won’t be here for the end of the third segment of the Canine Good Neighbour advance class.. I’ll try to get him trained to complete as much of the third segment as possible before we leave.. ==============================================================

The AKC Canine Good Citizen test (basic) includes ten tests of the dog’s behaviour including walking calmly past distractions, walking on a loose leash through a crowd, Lie down and stay or sit stay, dog calmly allows himself to be petted by a stranger, etc. In addition, It includes -field trip we had on Monday night to accute care facility (with dogs in training)

Team requests-problem solving-scent distractions, medical equipment, CGCA practice -field trip on light rail perhaps (some of the dogs are not ready yet (Zulu is ready) -field trip to airport -CGCU practice (basic level)

-CGCA practice (Advanced level)

Zulu has earned 2 ribbons now March 17, 2017













ZULU UPDATES by Madeleine

March 17 – Zulu weighed 12.2 lbs. on St. Patrick’s day. Zulu is not only doing well in training, he’s also getting “smarter” at home. We have to keep moving items higher and higher!

March 18 Our trainer Bonnie is arranging to finish the Advanced Good Citizen title before we leave! This is great news! We are so excited how Zulu is doing development-wise and training-wise.

March 28, 2017 Zulu completed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program with his third ribbon in Mesa AZ

Zulu completes his AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced at 7 1/2 months of age! March 2017

Zulu sleeping on mom’s book bag May 2017












ZULU UPDATES – by Madeleine

July, 2017 – Zulu was outside with us while house showing is taking place. Zulu contemplating taking a snooze after eating and digging three holes in the lawn!

Zulu relaxing after hole digging July 2017

Zulu the sleepy boy July 2017










ZULU UPDATES – by Madeleine

Zulu on the luggage July, 2017

July 2017 – Zulu loves luggage – packing to leave for the lake in the morning.






To be continued